Thursday, July 3, 2014

A 14er, some 20s, and over 1000

"And for this cantankerous cacophony of collisionous cogs and camshafts, take that!"
--Charles Montgomery Burns

Hey y'all,
I have taken a zero in Leadville, CO., the highest incorporated town in the USA.  My right knee has been acting up so I haven't yet summited Mt. Elbert as planned.  The hostel is incredible and tonight I cooked some wild sockeye with a garlic soy stir fry.  This mmorning I dumped turkey sausage, eggs& cheese in a pan, ate, shared, have some for tomorrow am.It's a real treat to get to cook real food.

Last week i bagged San Luis peak and strung ttogether a few 20+ mile days...just  a couple days ago I crossed the 1000 mile mark!   Very cool, although it means I have a lot of miles to go.

Storms arise quickly....nearby lightning had me crouching on my foam pad!

Summit snickers!  First 14er in a few years.


Still some corniced snow around.


  1. Gorgeous! Looks like you have found paradise Scott. All the best, Stacey

  2. Glad to see you continue to kick arse and take names.